Save $20 when you take the Revitive Quiz 

Save $20 when you take the Revitive Quiz 


Over 2 million people around the world have purchased a Revitive Circulation Booster, helping to actively boost their circulation and to keep doing the things they love.

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What Our Revitive Users Say

"It feels wonderful" I have been using Revitive for few years ad I have now feelings in the bottom of my feet and getting more feeling in my legs. Revitive has really changed my life
My ankles are looking smaller and I don't have pain in my leg as often. It's really nice when I have a busy day and I come home to just sit down and relax with
Terre has always had an active life and uses Revitive to help him to maintain his lifestyle and continue to be as active as he has been.
Lynda was finding that a day without pain is far less common than a day with pain. After using Revitive she felt energized and pain free.
"I am now back on my feet dancing again! My granddaughter asked me to dance with her. I was able to dance two long dances and I would never have been able to do that without Revitive." Jerry Petry, OR
He walks better, he feels better! Dennis' legs were holding him back. After using Revitive, Dennis noticed a huge difference. In Maureen's words: "He walks better, he feels better, he feels stronger." Maureen & Dennis, El Segundo CA

Now you can't keep me out of my garden! I love this machine because it really helps me walk better and I use it faithfully because I have such poor circulation. Now you can't keep me out of my garden! 

Gloria, Chicago IL

“I think Revitive works really well for me, I couldn't do without it. I was so pleased with it! I would give it a 10 out of 10.”


Lawrence, Mississippi

“ I was on pain pills prescribed by my doctor for my feet, and quit using them because they just didn't work. I started using the Revitive and it's made a grand improvement.”


Ronald, Wisconsin

“Both my husband and I have enjoyed using this machine. It helped with circulation problems and stiffness in both legs and hips. It is easy to use and does exactly what we got it for. I highly recommend it.”


Shirley, Texas

Amazing boost for tired and aching legs and feet. Such a revived feeling after a 20 minute session is completed. Treatments have truly helped my foot problems. No regrets in our purchase.


CP, Texas

Just absolutely amazing!!! Bought this for my mom, works like a charm for her. My brother has some circulation challenges, he used it and has been getting great results. I've tried it and will be purchasing my very own shortly. Will definitely recommend.


Angela, Illinois

Excellent machine that is simple to operate and really does work to eliminate foot-ache and leg cramps. Can't rate this machine highly enough


Lawrence, Mississippi

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