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Revitive Product Overview

What is Revitive?

Revitive Circulation Booster® is a drug-free, FDA-cleared medical device to relieve leg pains and swelling and is clinically proven to improve poor blood flow in the legs and feet during use.1

What is Poor Blood Circulation?

When you have poor blood circulation, your blood cannot sufficiently reach certain parts of your body. Poor circulation will prevent parts of your body from getting the nutrients and oxygen they need and from removing wastes.

Poor blood circulation often occurs in the lower parts of your body such as the legs and feet. When you are standing or sitting, your leg muscles and blood vessels in the veins need to work hard to pump the blood back to your heart. Maintaining good blood circulation in your legs and feet can help you stay healthy.

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What are the Signs of Poor Leg Circulation?

You may have poor leg circulation if you experience:2

Human need image of a foot showing higher areas of pain the the ankle and top of the foot
Swelling of the lower legs and/or feet
Human need image showing the higher areas of pain the the calf, ankle, heal and feet
Tingling, or cold feeling on your legs, feet or toes
Human need image of a person holding their calf, showing a higher area of pain
Muscle cramps
Human need image showing the higher areas of pain the the calf, ankle, heal and feet
Lower leg pain
Human need image showing the pain the bottom on the foot and ankle
Aching, tired feeling feet
Human need image showing areas of higher pain in foot, ankle and calf
Dry skin, brittle nails or hair loss on your legs and feet

What Causes Poor Leg Circulation?

Leg circulation may deteriorate as you grow older or if you do not maintain an active lifestyle. Sitting or standing for too long can cause poor leg circulation because your leg muscles are not activated and may lose their function over time.

Several factors can increase your risk of poor leg circulation:

black outline of a heart with a heart rate line through it
High blood pressure
Black outline illustration of a graph
High cholesterol
Black outline illustration of a stop smoking sign
Black outline illustration of a scale
image of a arrow going round in a circle with AGE in the middle
Increasing age

especially when you reach 50 years old or older

Image of a woman sat on the edge of her bed, she is holding her calf

Certain medical conditions can also cause poor leg circulation

Peripheral artery disease (PAD)3

PAD occurs when your arteries (blood vessels that bring blood to your limbs) are narrowed, making it difficult for blood to reach certain parts of your body. Factors that can increase your risk for PAD include high cholesterol, obesity and high blood pressure.

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)4

The veins in your legs carry blood that contains waste products back to your heart. These veins have one-way valves to keep blood from flowing backward. When you have CVI, the valves in your leg veins don’t work properly, causing blood to pool in the veins.

Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy5,6

When you have diabetes, the high level of glucose in your blood can narrow and harden your blood vessels over time. This will lead to poor blood circulation which causes pain and cold feeling on your legs.

These medical conditions are to be diagnosed by a medical professional.

Human need image of  feet on a medic device, showing the waves going up the leg

How does Revitive Work

Revitive uses a technology called Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) that delivers electrical impulses to your leg muscles through your feet. Revitive Circulation Booster® works by contracting your lower leg muscles by using our OxyWave technology with patented wide-pulse waveform, to deliver a clinically proven increase in leg circulation during use. Providing more oxygen rich blood to your lower limbs. The built in IsoRocker gently rocks your feet back and forth to allow for natural ankle movement and increased circulation in your lower legs.1

Why Should You Use Revitive?

FDA-Cleared Medical Device1

Revitive is a drug-free, FDA-cleared medical device for temporarily increasing poor blood circulation in leg muscles and relieving pain.1

Successful Clinical Trials

Revitive has been tested in several clinical studies involving patients with PAD, patients with CVI, and healthy individuals.7-11

  • Patients with PAD who used Revitive in addition to standard therapy experienced improved leg blood flow during use, increased walking distance before the onset of cramping (pain) and improvement in quality of life at 6 weeks7.
  • Patients with CVI, when used with standard therapy, Revitive improved leg blood flow, and prevented leg swelling during use, while improving symptoms associated with varicose veins at 6 week.8
  • In healthy individuals, Revitive has been shown to improve blood flow, improve tissue’s oxygen level, and reduce limb swelling, pain and discomfort caused by prolonged inactivity during device use.9-11

Designed and tested by physical therapists and vascular surgeons12

Revitive is designed and tested by a team of experts in physical therapy and vascular diseases. Physiologists Prof. Katya Mileva of London South Bank University and David Paul Sumners co-invented Revitive’s patented waveforms. Prof. Tim Watson, of University of Hertfordshire is an expert in physiotherapy and electrotherapy and serves as the leading consultant in program development. Prof. Alun Davies, a vascular surgery expert at the Imperial College London, tested the benefits of using Revitive in numerous clinical trials.

How do You Use Revitive?

Revitive is designed for home use and comes with a remote control for ease of use. Find a comfortable place to sit and place both of your bare feet on the foot pads. Turn on the device, set the time and adjust the intensity. Use Revitive for 30-60 minutes a day for a maximum of 3 hours with NMES stimulation.1

Talk to your doctor before using Revitive if you have a medical condition.

Join over 2 million Revitive users and experience improved leg circulation firsthand!


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