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Our Technology​


What is Revitive Circulation Booster?

Revitive Circulation Booster® is a range of FDA-Cleared medical devices that are clinically proven to boost circulation in the legs and feet during use and have been developed and tested by physical therapists and vascular surgeons.

OxyWave®, our unique Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, delivers an optimum therapy to improve circulation, helping to drive nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to the legs and feet - this in turn can help relieve achy-feeling legs as well as reducing swollen feet and ankles during use.

Nearly three million people around the world have purchased a Revitive Circulation Booster, helping to actively increase their circulation and to keep doing the things they love.


What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

Electrotherapy is the collective name for a range of treatments that use electrical stimulation to reduce pain, improve circulation, strengthen muscles and repair tissue.

The Revitive Circulation Booster works to stimulate the contracting and relaxing of the muscle, causing an increase of oxygen-rich blood to flow to the feet, helping to relieve tired, achy-feeling legs and feet.


How EMS works

EMS works by delivering electrical impulses to the body through electrodes, stimulating nerves to contract target muscle groups. The Revitive Circulation Booster uses non-invasive EMS in two ways:

  • Foot pads: Reaches a broader selection of muscles in your legs and feet to improve lower limb circulation.
  • Electrode pads: Allowing a more targeted approach in providing EMS stimulation. Electrode Pads found in the Medic range assist in strengthening targeted muscles.

What is OxyWave?

Found in our ProHealth device and Medic range, our patented and clinically proven OxyWave Technology uses 15 unique waveforms designed to vary the stimulation during a therapy session. This is vital to ensure muscles and nerves do not become accustomed to the stimulus, helping to maximise your therapy performance.

OxyWave gives you the same results as EMS at a lower level of discomfort, allowing you to achieve much greater movement and stimulation.


How does the IsoRocker work?

When you have reached the correct intensity level (levels 1-99) your muscles will begin to contract and relax. This results in ankle-joint movement through our patented IsoRocker, which replicates heel-toe raises without undue pressure. The IsoRocker can be found in the Revitive ProHealth and Medic Range devices.


What is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)?

The nerves in your body send signals to your brain including pain, touch and pressure.

Through the use of body pads, TENS therapy works by using electrical stimulation to block pain receptors and replace these with touch and pressure signals, giving you targeted relief from pain and discomfort when in use*


Revitive products are indicated to:

  • Reduce leg aches & pains
  • Reduce cramp
  • Reduce swelling
  • Actively improve leg circulation
  • Target and relieve body pain
  • Also suitable for people with conditions or diseases associated with poor circulation
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Fight Leg Aches & Pains

There is a range of Revitive Circulation Booster products to suit different symptoms and medical conditions.

Our quick tool helps you choose the right one for you.

Image of Maureen and Dennis smiling and walking towards the camera
He walks better, he feels better! Dennis' legs were holding him back. After using Revitive, Dennis noticed a huge difference. In Maureen's words: "He walks better, he feels better, he feels stronger." Maureen & Dennis, El Segundo CA

*when used used alongside pain medication***in people diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease when used alongside exercise program.