Save an extra £20 when you take the quiz>>  

Save an extra £20 when you take the quiz>>  

How to improve symptoms

There are ways to improve your circulation like healthy eating and hydration. Read further for more advice.

Pain relief

We explore the pros and cons of painkillers and look at how drug-free alternatives like the Revitive Circulation Booster can help leg aches and pains.


Revitive Circulation Booster is clinically proven to improve circulation during use, using EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) that significantly increases oxygen-rich blood flow to the legs and feet, relieving aching legs for greater pain-free walking.

Healthy habits

Leading a healthy lifestyle will keep your body energised and keep you healthier for longer.


Water plays an important role in facilitating circulation and increasing blood flow.

Revitive Medic Circulation Booster® actively improves circulation by stimulating the muscles in your legs and feet.

Symptoms of poor circulation

Poor circulation can cause various symptoms such as aching legs and swollen feet & ankles.


Many factors can cause poor circulation including ageing and Diabetes.

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