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Save £10 when you take the quiz>>


Relieve discomfort in the legs and feet

Is Revitive ProHealth right for me?

If you struggle with discomfort in your legs or swelling in your feet and ankles from time to time, Revitive ProHealth may be the right solution for you! 

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Revitive can help

This easy-to-use Circulation Booster works with your body to stimulate the calf muscles, using a patented electrical muscle stimulation technology to actively improve circulation, increasing blood flow and helping to relieve achy-feeling legs. 


ProHealth is indicated to:

Relieve discomfort in your legs & feet
  • Buy today and you'll have a full 90 days to try Revitive in the comfort of your own home, risk-free. So if you aren't completely satisfied, we'll give you your money back - guaranteed.

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  • Revitive products are built to last, which is why we offer an additional year warranty on Circulation Booster Devices* purchased directly from Revitive.

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Revitive in action

Successful Clinical Trials
Medical Device

Prohealth's key benefits include:


Developed by leading physiotherapists and vascular surgeons, Revitive Circulation Booster is drug-free, easy-to-use and can deliver results from just 30 minutes a day!

Easy to use

Trusted by over 3 million people, Revitive Circulation Booster is easy to use – just pop your feet on the footplates and let the device do the work!


How to use ProHealth in 3 simple steps

step 1
Sit down, place your bare feet on foot-pads and increase intensity.
step 2
Increase the intensity until you feel a strong contraction in your calf muscle and the unit begins to rock. Work up slowly if you need to.
step 3
Sit back, relax and let Revitive go to work while you read or watch TV. Use daily for 30 min for the best results.

The Circulation Booster that changes lives

Over 3 million people around the world have purchased a Revitive Circulation Booster®, helping to actively boost their circulation and keep them doing the things they love. 

Our promise to you

Who cannot use Revitive Circulation Booster?

Revitive Circulation Booster (all models) should not be used by people who are:

  • Fitted with an electronic implant such as a pacemaker or AICD
  • Being being treated for, or have the symptoms of, a deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Pregnant

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