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 Save £10 when you take the Revitive Quiz>>

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Clinical trials

Revitive has been developed and tested by physiotherapists and cardiovascular surgeons by leading universities, including Imperial College London.

We’re constantly innovating and testing our Circulation Booster devices, spending millions of pounds (and counting) on clinical trials and studies to prove they work.

Clinical Trial Results

Revitive has been proven to increase circulation by up to 89%1.

People also experienced less pain while walking.

Significant decrease in leg pain and discomfort2

Increased walking distance before pain2

Significant increases in blood-flow during use

  1. Based on % change of arterial blood volume flow. During use in people with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) at 6 weeks.
  2. When combining 30 mins daily use of Revitive with 60 mins of supervised exercise a week, over 6 weeks in people with PAD.
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New clinical trial

for diabetes patients

Can electrical stimulation help with neuropathy?

Researchers at Imperial College London would like to recruit people aged 18 or over with diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage in the feet and legs) to take part in a study that will look at the effects of an electrical stimulation device and whether it can improve nerve function and neuropathy symptoms.  

Clinical research studies to date


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[On file at Actegy]

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