How to improve your circulation

There are ways to improve your circulation like eating balanced meals and exercising. Get a great start to everyday with these ideas.

Healthy eating

Good nutrition contributes to good health and helps reduce the risk of disease. Healthy eating starts with making the right choices such as eating balanced meals, not skipping meals and eating as a family (not in front of the TV or computer).

Good hydration

Water plays an important role in facilitating good blood circulation. Our body is made up of 50-75% water. Tip from the Better Health website: always keep a bottle of water handy at work or in your bag, and aim for 8 to 10 cups (2 litres - 2.6 litres) of fluids everyday.


Living a more active life, can significantly improve your health. 30 minutes of exercise everyday not only helps improve your blood circulation, it also increases your overall fitness and energy levels, and helps manage blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and weight.


Revitive Circulation Booster uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to pump the lower leg muscles with oxygen-rich blood flow which may relieve leg aches, pain and cramps. With patented Oxywave Technology, Revitive is clinically proven to improve blood circulation during use. Find out more.


Revitive Medic Circulation Booster® actively improves circulation by stimulating the muscles in your legs and feet.

Symptoms of poor circulation

Poor circulation can cause various symptoms such as aching legs, swollen feet and ankles.

Causes of poor circulation

Many factors can cause poor circulation including High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

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