Drug-Free Breathing Relief

Revitive Aerosure is a drug-free, dual-function device designed to help people with breathing and respiratory difficulties. With regular use, Revitive Aerosure may help to:

  • Reduce breathlessness in healthy people and patients with COPD
  • Increase respiratory fitness in healthy people and patients with COPD
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Scientifically Proven Technology
Certified Medical Device

Simple to use

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Features & Benefits


Scientifically tested, Revitive Aerosure provides drug-free breathing relief

Breathe Easier Mode

With regular use Revitive Aerosure helps to relieve breathlessness and increase respiratory fitness

Mucus Mode

Oscillatory PEP helps dislodge mucus from the airways and lungs

Rechargeable Battery

Via handy charging base that can be plugged into mains

How does Revitive Aerosure Work?

Revitive Aerosure works by spinning a valve inside the device at high speed, to rapidly open and close the flow of air in-to and out-of the lungs. As you breathe through the Mouthpiece the oscillating valve creates a resistance, vibrating the chest wall to work the lung muscles harder and improve respiratory fitness. You should feel a resistance when breathing through Revitive Aerosure.

Revitive Aerosure is designed to overcome the performance limitations of some other devices as it is electrically driven. Other comparable devices are dependent on the user holding the product at the correct angle and achieving the correct exhalation pressure in order to prove effective. As Revitive Aerosure is electrically driven, it is effective regardless of the position of the device and minimum pressure generated by the user. The frequency of the rotating valve is set by the speed of the motor and is not affected by achieving a minimum exhalation pressure you generate. It is important that you breathe as hard as you can through the device to work the breathing muscles.

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Unique Features of Revitive Aerosure

Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)

This technique is designed to directly affect the functioning of respiratory muscles which are responsive to training. IMT can benefit people with inspiratory muscle weakness. IMT has demonstrated a number of benefits including increased inspiratory muscle strength, reduced breathlessness and increased exercise performance.

Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP)

Designed to interrupt the expiratory airflow, which results in the airways vibrating. Vibration stimulations applied to the inspiratory system have been shown to reduce breathlessness in healthy humans at rest.

Proven solution - findings of clinical research studies

Revitive Aerosure is a drug-free, Class 1 respiratory device that has been shown to reduce breathlessness. Below are some of the research studies that have been carried out with both Revitive Aerosure and the technology Revitive Aerosure uses (IMT).


A controlled study analysed the effects of IMT on exercise capacity, dyspnea, and inspiratory fraction during exercise in patients with COPD. Daily inspiratory muscle strength and endurance training were performed for 8 weeks in patients with COPD. Results showed an increase in muscle strength following IMT, as well as an increase in inspiratory fraction, suggesting a reduction in dynamic hyperinflation. Other findings were improved breathing pattern and decreased perception of dyspnea. These outcomes were not achieved in the control group.

Petrovic, M., Reiter, M., Zipko, H., Pohl, W., & Wanke, T. (2012). Effects of inspiratory muscle training on dynamic hyperinflation in patients with COPD. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis, 7, 797-805.


In another study, COPD patients were randomised into a group that received IMT for one year, or a control group that received IMT training but with a very low load. Results showed a statistically significant increase in inspiratory muscle strength, 6-minute walk distance, Borg score and health-related quality of life scores in the IMT group but not in the control group. The changes were maintained at the end of the year.

Beckerman, M., Magadle, R., Weiner, M., & Weiner, P. (2005). The effects of 1 year of specific inspiratory muscle training in patients with COPD. CHEST Journal, 128(5), 3177-3182.

Improving inspiratory muscle strength in healthy subjects using IMT

This study investigated whether breathing against a vibration stimulus would elicit increments of spontaneous and maximal inspiratory mouth pressure and tidal mean inspiratory flow upon stimulus removal. Healthy subjects performed 3 maximal inspirations before and after 10 inspirations against a resistive vibration-type load stimulus, a resistive breathing stimulus and a control with no load, in a random order. Only the resistive vibration-type stimulus increased tidal and maximum mouth pressure. Mean inspiratory flow also increased with the resistive vibration-type stimulus.

Sumners, D. P., Green, D. A., Mileva, K. N., & Bowtell, J. L. (2008). Increases in inspiratory neural drive in response to rapid oscillating airflow braking forces (vibration). Respiratory physiology & neurobiology, 160(3), 350-352.

Real people and real results

I bought this product because I was desperate to improve my breathing, even though it's very expensive and I actually had little expectation that it would work. It is very easy to use and clean but I often only remember to do it once a day rather than the twice recommended. For the first few weeks there was little improvement but now I have noticed a very significant difference and have even started exercising again. Well worth the price.

Mrs Jean Glover

It is one of the best things I have bought in a long time, it does as it says, I would recommend it to anyone with breathing problems.

Mrs M J Rossiter

I read up on this product and thought I would give it a try. I find with 5 minutes use morning and evening I am now able to breathe more deeply. I use it before using my inhalers and feel that I am able to breathe in more of the contents than before.

It is not a cure-all but does help. I can walk a bit further than before without becoming breathless.


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