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Ouch! Why are my muscles cramping?

Painful cramps and muscle spasms are a common and usually harmless condition with several possible causes - including hot weather.

We explore what’s causing your cramps and how you can alleviate them.


What are heat cramps?

Heat cramps are painful muscle spasms that usually happen in hot weather when your body overheats.

They usually affect the arms, legs and abdomen. The main symptom is a sensation of painful tightening and hardening of the muscles - these spasms are involuntary, so you have no control over them, and discomfort can range from mild to severe.


What causes leg cramps?

Heat isn’t the only cause of muscle cramps - leg cramps unrelated to hot conditions are also very common.

Leg cramps cause a sudden pain and contraction - usually in the calf muscle - that lasts from a few seconds to 10 minutes and can make it hard to move.

These spasms can happen at any time, but three out of four cases happen at night. They may wake you up, and the muscle might feel sore for several hours after the cramp has stopped.

Night-time leg cramps can happen to anyone but are more common in older adults - around a third of people over 60 experience leg cramps at night, and 40% of people affected have three or more attacks per week.

Leg cramps can sometimes be linked to underlying conditions, including:


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What our customers say:

Len suffered from night cramps until he started using Revitive.

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