Ruth & Eamonn

Two of the UK’s most-loved TV presenters, known for putting a smile on the faces of millions, team up with Revitive.

Please meet our Brand Ambassadors for Revitive Circulation Booster – husband and wife duo, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. Perhaps best known for presenting daytime TV, their partnership with Revitive builds on the couple’s longstanding advocacy for loving life and keeping active.

Why are you excited to be partnering with Revitive?

Ruth: Revitive approached us and asked if we wanted to try their Circulation Booster device. What they didn’t realise is Eamonn, who’s suffered with his legs and feet for a while, was already one of their happy customers; in fact, we had also bought one for my Mum, who’s in her 80's.

Eamonn: We are thrilled to be working with Revitive. ‘Move’ – that’s what our bodies were designed to do but when you’re in pain, as I have experienced, it drags you down. I believe Revitive can help boost people’s circulation and give them back the movement they deserve, to keep active and get the most out of life.


What type of difference have you seen in your legs and feet since using Revitive?

Ruth: I was thrilled to see how Revitive had helped Eamonn so I bought one for my Mum, who’s in her 80’s. As for me, my priority is just maintaining good health. Between my TV commitments and QVC, I’m on my feet all day and in the evenings I steal Revitive from Eamonn to just relieve my tired legs and feet because if my feet feel good, I feel good.

Eamonn: In 2016, after 25 years of agony, I had double hip replacement surgery. That’s when I first started using Revitive to help with my recovery. As you could imagine after surgery I was very immobile and I believe Revitive helped by getting the blood circulating through my legs as it should, but also to improve my leg muscle strength. Today, on a daily basis, I do live with pain in my feet. So I use my Revitive daily to relieve my leg ache and it helps greatly.


Between your television shows and other ventures, how do you manage to keep active?

Ruth: This is not a dress rehearsal – set yourself some life goals and live life every day to the fullest!

Eamonn: Decades of a hectic work schedule made it near impossible to exercise, but Revitive helps manage my aches, helps me keep active and makes me feel energised.


What advice would you give to others wanting to spend more time doing the things they love?

Ruth: I love to enjoy life. When I turned 60 I made the commitment that I want to continue enjoying life for as long as possible whatever my age. So, I try to eat fairly healthily, I do a bit of exercise, I do my skipping and my 10,000 steps, and of course I use my Revitive.

Eamonn: You’ve really got to invest in your health because if you haven’t got your health, you’ve got nothing – you can’t socialise with friends and family, walk the dog, or do many of life’s fun things.

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Eamonn's back on his feet with Revitive

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