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 Save £10 when you take the Revitive Quiz>>

Numbness in your feet? A sign of poor circulation

We all know too well the feeling of pain that poor circulation causes in our legs and feet, but feeling nothing (or very little) can be just as bad. Numbness in the feet can be uncomfortable, and may also affect your overall health, by causing balance problems or masking potential foot injuries. But what other symptoms might we experience, what are the potential causes and what can we do to alleviate this problem?

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The key symptom of numbness in the foot is a loss of sensation. However, depending on the cause of the numbness you may also experience a feeling of weakness, or a prickling ‘pins-and-needles’ sensation in the foot area.

Hair loss on the lower legs and feet, chronic inflammation (like pain and swelling) of the foot area, or change in toe colour are also symptoms of foot numbness, but will also depend on the cause and severity of the problem.


There are a number of potential causes of foot numbness. These include:

Poor circulation
Poor circulation

Occurs when blood flow is restricted. If you have poor circulation, the muscles and nerves of your feet will not be receiving an adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen, which can lead to a loss of sensation.

Tarsel Tunnel Syndrome
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS)

Occurs due to pressure on the posterior tibial nerve.


May cause weakness of the blood vessels. People with diabetes may also develop a condition called Diabetic Neuropathy – where high blood glucose levels and blood fat levels cause nerve damage.

High blood pressure
High blood pressure

Can damage the venous system, restricting blood flow to the extremities.

Raynaud's disease

A condition affecting the smaller arteries of the hands and feet, limiting blood flow.

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

Where plaque builds up in the arteries due to excess cholesterol or calcium, restricting blood flow which leads to poor circulation.

Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis

A condition of the brain and spinal cord, may cause loss of sensation in different areas of the body, including the feet.

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Symptom relief

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Using Revitive regularly to improve symptoms of poor circulation ease uncomfortable associated symptoms.

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