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Revitive Circulation Booster Work


Over 3 million people have purchased Revitive

Watch Wendy's experience with Revitive

"Doing the washing and everyday things became hard. Walking was just nearly impossible at times... That's when I found Revitive and it made a real difference" - Wendy Boyce

User testimonials refer to the experience of a single person, and do not represent claims of general efficacy. Any benefits expressed by users, must be viewed as the opinion of a single person and not a statement of fact or guarantee of results for all users.

Be inspired by Revitive users

"The walks were getting harder. We saw the Revitive ad and thought it would work for us. It’s the best money I've ever spent." - Bob and Nancy's Story
"After my knee injury, I had to go for an arthroscopy (knee surgery). I started on the Revitive, and it helped with the blood circulation, I could move around. It was just awesome!" - Stacey McGavin

"What a great device for helping circulation. Great if you have cramps or leg/foot fatigue. It leave your legs feeling light and refreshed, stops cramps and circulation issues. I highly recommend."

Dawn, Christchurch

"Bought this for my elderly mum, easy to use & many benefits to keep the circulation going" 

Lloydie, Auckland

"Brought this for my husband who suffers with painful legs and swollen ankles. Has used it everyday and he is already finding that his legs are less painful and his ankles are less swollen. Very pleased with this product."

PjK1, Thames