How Revitive works

Revitive Circulation Booster is an electrical medical device designed to improve the circulation in your legs and feet. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to contract and relax your muscles, increasing the blood flow in your legs and feet. It has been clinically tested and shown to reduce swelling and soothe aches and pains.

Over two million people around the world have bought a Revitive Circulation Booster, helping them to improve their circulation and keep doing the things they love.

Revitive works in 4 simple steps

Find a comfortable seat and place your bare feet on the foot pads.
Switch on and choose an intensity level where you can feel your calf muscles comfortably contracting.
Sit back and let Revitive go to work. Typical usage daily 20-30 mins.
Try Revitive and see what it can do for you.

What is Revitive designed to do?

Alleviate discomfort in the lower legs

Increasing blood flow may reduce the discomfort you feel in your legs and feet - helping you to keep active and enjoy life.

Reduce swollen feet & ankles

Improved circulation reduces the swelling in feet & ankles. Reducing the swelling can in turn relieve the pain that swelling causes.

Increase lower leg circulation

Revitive uses EMS technology which contracts the leg muscles and boosts the blood flow to the feet and legs. As tested by leading UK universities.

See Revitive in action

How to use Revitive Circulation Booster

I have been using the circulation booster for many years. I upgraded to the latest version and am pleased to report that it is better than ever. The new design is a great improvement on what was an already great product. I highly recommend it.

Donald, Victoria Point