Free shipping when you spend over $50 

Free shipping when you spend over $50 

Real People. Real Results.

Over 3 million people around the world use the Revitive Circulation Booster to boost their circulation so they can keep doing the things they love.

Watch Revitive users' experiences

Lynda talking about Revitive
Lynda has Osteoarthritis and was finding that a day without pain is far less common than a day with pain. After using Revitive she feels energized and pain free.**
Revitive users Sherry and Jerry
The Petrys have had aches and pains for many years. Both have felt a benefit after using Revitive and Jerry was even able to dance with his granddaughter which was something he would never have been able to do without it.
Terre sitting in a chair outside in the sunshine
Terre has always had an active life and uses Revitive to help him to maintain his lifestyle and continue to be as active as he has always been. After using Revitive he feels renewed.**

Which Revitive to choose?


Revitive Essential

With fewer intensity levels, Essential is designed for otherwise healthy people with a relatively inactive or sedentary lifestyle.


Revitive Medic

Our best-selling & most effective Circulation Booster, Revitive Medic is our latest model, with its Dual Action technology and patented waveforms.

I am type 2 diabetic and always problems with my feet and legs, but since I'm using Revitive it's gotten much better. I have no more restless legs, the feeling in my feet has increased and according to my doctor much better blood circulation. I recommend this product to anyone.

Heinz, Kanata - Diabetes Sufferer

Excellent product! Definitely a noticeable improvement in my feet and legs after use. Seems to improve the numbness and tingling that I contend with on a daily basis.

Nadine, Etobicoke

My circulation and mobility improved. (No more pins and needles and) I can go up and down stairs with ease. I would and have definitely recommended this product.

Annette, Montreal
Clinically Proven
Drug Free
Medical Device

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